Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions (1)

Environmental Studies Multiple Choice Questions With Solutions

Environmental Studies (Assignment 1)

Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions, EVS

*The Bolded Options are the Answers


1. Earth day is celebrated on:

a) June 5
b) April 22
c) July 11
d) October 2

2. BOD stands for

a) Biological Oxygen Demand
b) Biological Oven Demand
c) Boron Carbon Deuterium
d) Bio-ecological Oxygen Demand

3. Nobel Prize winner 2004, Wangari Maathai is from:

a) Nigeria
b) Ethiopia
c) Kenya
d) Sudan

4. Chemicals that cause mutations are called as:

a) Carcinogenic
b) Neurotoxins
c) Teratogenic
d) Mutagenic

5. HIV cannot pass from infected persons to others by:

a) Sharing same needle for injection
b) Eating food together
c) Unprotected sex
d) Contaminated syringes

6. Paul Mueller in 1939 discovered a pesticide known as:

a) Aldrin
b) Endosulfan
c) HCH
d) DDT

7. Kalpakkam nuclear power plant is situated in:

a) Rajasthan
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Uttar Prades
d) Maharashtra

8. In nuclear fission, Uranium is bombarded by:

a) Neutron
b) Electron
c) Beta particle
d) Gamma particle

9. _____________________ causes minimum disturbance to the top soil.

a) Contour farming
b) No-till-farming
c) Strip farming
d) Terracing

10. Forest prevent soil erosion by binding soil particles in their:

a) Buds
b) Leaves
c) Stems
d) Roots

11. The Satluj-Yamuna Link canal dispute is between:

a) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
b) Punjab and Haryana
c) Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
d) Punjab and Himachal Pradesh

12. Overgrazing results in:

a) Productive soils
b) Retention of useful species
c) Soil erosion
d) All of the above

13. Flow of energy in an ecosystem is:

a) Unidirectional
b) Multidirectional
c) Inverted
d) All of the above

14. As per waste water terminology “RBC” means:

a) Red blood corpuscles
b) Rotating biological contractors
c) Reflecting biological contractors
d) All of the above

15. Decibel is the unit of:

a) Humidity
b) Temperature
c) Winds speed
d) Sound


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