Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions (2)

1. Enviromental Protection Research and Training Institute is situated at: a) Hyderabad b) Mumbai c) Delhi d) none of these.

Environmental Studies (Assignment 2)

Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions, EVS

*The Bolded Options are the Answers


1. Enviromental Protection Research and Training Institute is situated at:

a) Hyderabad b) Mumbai
c) Delhi d) none of these.

2. Rain water harvesting has the following advantages:

a)Avoid flooding of the roads b) Recharges ground water
c)Reduces run-off loss d) All of these.

3.Blue baby syndrome (methaemoglobinemia) is caused by the contaminatation of water due

a) Phosphate b) Sulphate
c) Arsenic d) Nitrates

4. Itai- itai disease in Japan was caused by consumpution of rice contaminated with

a) Mercury b) Iron
c) Cadmium d) Zinc.

5. World Wide Fund for Nature- India (WWF-I) is located in:

a) Mumbai b) New Delhi
c) Ahmedabad d) Madras.

6. Chipko movement started in villages of:

a) Tehri Garhwal b) Kumaon region
c) M.P. d) H.P.

7.Green judge known as:

a) Mr. Kuldeep Singh b) Mr. Kalyan Singh
c) Mr. M.C.Mehta d) Mr. N.K. Singh

8. Water covers ----- percentage of the earth area:

a) 97 b) 71 c) 85 d) 75.

9. Ozone layer is situated in

a) Thermosphere b) Mesosphere
c) Stratosphere d) Troposphere

10. Vermicomposting is done by

a) Fungus b) Bacteria
c) Worms d) Animals

11. Which of the following is the function of forests;

a) Atmospheric regulation b)Watershed protection
c) Erosion control d) All of the these.

12. The largest ocean is:

a) Indian ocean b) Pacific ocean
c) Antartic ocean d) Arctic ocean

13. Fuel used in nuclear reactors to generate electricity:

a) Uranium-238 b) Uranium-235
c) Plutonium d) Thorium.

14. The reason for depletion of natural resources is:

a) Rapidly growing population b) Growing consumerism
c) None of these d) Both of these.

15. The flower of Uttrakhand is:

a) Brahm kamal b) Lotus
c)Sunflower d) None of these


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