Why B.Tech in Civil Engineering?

It is important for a country's infrastructure to grow if its economy is to grow.

It is important for a country's infrastructure to grow if its economy is to grow. An increase in the demand for infrastructure will lead to an increase in the need for engineers. BTech in Civil Engineering will help you establish yourself firmly in this field. There are plenty of opportunities for civil engineers and enough room to grow in a field essential for the development of a country. All engineers are in demand for railways, roads, bridges, waterways, and other development projects.

They work together with urban planning because it helps develop water resources, wastewater treatment facilities, and other similar solutions to problems that society may face. During the course, you will learn about project management, and structural and construction science. The course includes modules in structural engineering, water resource engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental engineering. For the duration of the course, students learn through theory and practice while working on live projects.

The course is supported by dynamic faculty and state-of-the-art laboratory spaces.

Why B.Tech in Civil Engineering, Construction

The requirement to apply for this course includes 50% cumulative Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects at the Middle/High School level. In addition, applicants will also be assessed based on their JEE scores.

This is a broad sector as infrastructure plays a major role in public investment. Employment of civil engineers is expected to grow by 8% between 201 and 202 and beyond as India catches up with China globally.

In addition, as reach increases and times change, there will be a need for engineers and environmental engineers to plan smart infrastructure for smart cities. a student turned architect, technician, construction manager, environmental engineer, landscape architect, surveyor, town planner, and town planner.

The private sector and government are constantly looking for good civil engineers. Some of the companies in the private sector include Shapoorji Pallonji and Larsen and Toubro. In the government sector, you have to clear India's technical service and then can be employed in high-level positions in government. With the 7th salary commission, the average salary in the public sector is at the same level as that of the private sector.

After working for a few years in infrastructure and real estate, you would also become a Subject Matter Expert. Such Subject Matter Experts are in high demand in consultancies. An MBA would further bolster your candidature should you prefer to pursue this field.

Beyond B.Tech., civil engineers can also further pursue the professional line of designing. This requires strong analytical skills and experience with AutoCAD. Proficiency in 3D printing can be a big plus for the future. In the recent past, civil engineering has also been used in robotics and mechatronics. Civil engineers can determine the load-carrying capacity of robots and self-joining systems used in construction. An M. Tech in the mix will give you a strong foothold in this fast-growing niche category.

Basically, a civil engineer's job is to keep the economy running smoothly. This can include permanent buildings such as houses, roads that last through the years and with less wear and tear, or bridges built over rivers.

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