Environmental Science Assignment Solutions

Environmental Science MCQ Questions with Solutions

1. The term ecology was introduced by

 a. Haekel              b. Odum        c. Tansley                 d. Hault
Ans. A. Haekel

2. Plants can transform the energy in sunlight into organic molecules such as sugars, in a process called…..

a. Decomposition    b. Nitrogen fixation    c. Photosynthesis    d. Cellular respiration
Ans. C. Photosynthesis

3. The pyramid of biomass is inverted in …….

a. Forest ecosystem    b. Grassland ecosystem        c. Community        d. Biosphere
Ans. None of the above, (Answer is Pond Ecosystem)

4. In pond ecosystem, the pyramid of biomass is

a. Upright        b. Inverted        c. Spindle shaped    d. none of these 
Ans. B. Inverted

5. Which of the following is primary consumer

a. Carnivorous animals        b. Herbivorous animals       c. Greeen plants          d. Fungi
Ans. B. Herbivorous animals

6. The organism which feed on dead organism, wastes of   living organisms are called

a.  Chemotrophs         b. Carnivores             c. Detritivores              d. Decomposers     
Ans. D. Decomposers

7. Word Environment day celebrated on

 a. 5th June                           b. 5th July                            c. 2 nd Febuary         d. 7 January     
Ans. A. 5th June

8. Word Forest day celebrated on

 a.  21March                       b. 25th july                 c. 5th November                  d. 12th September
Ans. A. 21 March

8. Tehri dam is built on:

a. Ganga river            b. Bhagirithi river        c. Narmada river          d. Yamuna river.
Ans. B. Bhagirathi River

9. The first Earth Summit held in

a. New York              b. Rio de Janerio c. Italy                         d. Canada
Ans. B. Rio de Janerio

10. The dominant second trophic level, in a lake ecosystem is
a) Benthos            b) Plankton         c) Zooplankton    d) Phytoplankton
Ans. C. Zooplankton

11. Deforestation means:   

a. Clearing of trees     b. Expansion of cities c. Industrialization      d. Growing of trees
Ans. A. Clearing of trees

12. The tropical grassland in Africa with tall grasses scattered shrubs or stunted tress are called

a. Savannans                       b. Pampas        c. Steppes                             d. Prairies
Ans. A. Savannas

13. The term tropic level comes from Greek word  trophos, which mean

a. Growth                           b. Feeding        c. Survival                          d. Nourishment
Ans. D. Nourishment

14.  The energy transferred to the next higher level

a. Increases.              b. Decreases        c. Remains the same          d. None
Ans. B. Decreases

15. Pyramid of numbers deals with the number of 

a. Species in area                b. Subspecies in a community       

c) Individuals in a community         d) Individuals in a tropic level
Ans. D. Individuals in a trophic level

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