Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions (3, 4, 5)

Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions *The Bolded Options are the Answers

Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions

*The Bolded Options are the Answers

Environmental Studies Questions With Solutions, EVS
Happy World Environment Day !

Assignment 3

1. Kyoto protocol is an agreement to reduce

a) Green house gases b) Carbon credit
c) Ozone layer d) Pollution

2. Passenger pigeon is an example of

a) Extinct species b) Rare species
c) Vulnerable species d) Endangered species

3. How many biodiversity hot spots present in India.

(a)Two (b) Three ( c) Four (d)One

4. How many types of food chain are recognized

(a)Two (b) Three (c) One (d) Four

6. Gas, leaked in Bhopal tragedy, was

a) Methyl isocyannate (MIC) b) Potassium isothiocynate
c) Ethyl isothiocynate d) sodium isothiocynate

7. Anaemia is caused due to which deficiency

a) Vitamin b) Iodine
c) Iron d) Proteins

8. Biogeographic zones in India are:

(a) 10 (b) 9 (c) 11 (d) 12.

9. Keystone species are:

(a)The species which if eliminated seriously affect the ecosystem
(b)Endangered species
(c)Endemic species
(d)None of these.

10. The magnitude of Earthquake is measured on

a) Richter scale b) Nano sacle
c) Thermo scale d) None

11. Which of the following ecological pyramid is always erect:

a) Pyramid of biomass b) Pyramid of number
c) Pyramid of energy d) None of these.

12. The first national park is:

(a) Zim Corbette national park (b) Manas national park
(b) Kanha national park (d) Kaziranga national park.

13. An animal that can tolerate the heat of the desert is

a) Rats b) Camel
c) Cow d) Lion

14. Breathing roots are found in:

(a) Thorny plants (b) Deciduous trees
(b) Coniferous trees (d) Mangroove trees.

15. Which one of the following is the most famous water-bird sanctuary in the world:

(a) Bharatpur (b) Gir
(b) Dachigam (d) Manas.

Assignment 4

1. ENVIS generates database on

(a) Coastal ecology (b) Biodiversity
(c) Occupational Health (d) All of these

2. Food chain and food web are significant as:

(a)It maintains ecological balance
(b)Energy flow occurs through them
(c)Nutrient cycling occurs through them
(d)All of the above.

3. Which of the following is not a heterotroph:

(a) Herbivorous animals (b) Green plants
(b) Carnivorous animals (d) Micro-organisms.

4. Nanda Devi National park situated in :

(a)Uttar Pradesh (b) Uttrakhand (c)Bihar (d) Tamilnadu

5. Atropine is derived from:

(a) Opium poppy (b) Pineapple (c) Belladona (d) Cocoa.

6. Which of the following is included in World Heritage Sites:

(a) Manaas (b) Kaziranga (c) Bharatpur (d) All of these.

7. Which of the following is an extinct species:

(a) Rhino (b) Elephant (c) Dodo (d) Tiger.

8. Which of the following represents in-situ conservation of biodiversity:

(a) National parks (b) Botanical garden
(c) Zoological parks (d) All of these.

9. Kaziranga National Park is located in:

(a) Assam (b) Gujrat (c) U.P. (d) M.P.

10. Red Data Book carries information on:

(a) Endangered species of plants
(b) Endangered species of animals
(c) Endangered and vulnerable species of plant & animal
(d) None of the above

11. Poaching means:

(a) Illegal trade of wild life (b) legal trade of wild life
(c)None of the above (d) both of above

12. The Gulf of Khambhat is situated in

a)Gujrat b) Karanataka
c) Tamilnadu d)Goa

13. Characterstics of desert ecosystem

(a)Scaracity of water (b) Less humus content
(c)Thorny plants (d) All of these.

14. Atmospheric humidity is measured by

a) Auxanometer b) Photometer
c) Hygrometer d) Barometer

15. Which of the following is primary consumer;

(a) Carnivorous animals (b) Herbivorous animals
(c) Greeen plants (d) Fungi.

Assignment 5

1. Ozone layer is found in:

a)Troposphere b) Stratosphere c) Thermosphere d) None of these.

2. Coal miners face the risk of :

a) Byssionosis b) Pneumoconiosis c) Nervous disorders d) Dysentary.

3. The gas which contribute to global warming:

a) CO 2 b) CH 4
c) NO 2 d) SO 2 .

4. The Biosphere Reserve situated in Uttarakhand is –

a) Nilgiri b) Nandadevi
c) Valley of flower d) all

5. Bhopal Gas tragedy happened at Union Carbide Company which is used to manufacture
Carbamate Which is an:

a)Acid b) Pesticides c) Metal d) All of these.

6. Ozone layer day is celebrated on:

a) 13 December b) 20 October c) 16 September d) 10 June

7. In our country Van Mahotsava is celebrated on

a) 2 October b) 1 December c) 1 July d) 10 August.

8. Noise level is measured in

a) ppm b) mg/l c) Dobson d) Decibel.

9. During photosynthesis trees produces:

a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide
c) Nitrogen d) Carbon monoxide

10. Passenger pigeon is an example of

a) Extinct species b) Rare species
c) Vulnerable species d) Endangered species

11. Which is the permissible range of pH for drinking water as per Indian Standards?

a) 6-9 b) 6.5-7.5
c) 7.5-9.5 d) 6-8.5

12. Biomedical waste management is –

a) incineration b) autoclaving
c) both d)none

13. Formation of algal bloom in water body is due to the-

a) enrichment of plant diversity b) enrichment of animal density
c) enrichment of hazardous pollutants d) enrichment of nutrients

14. Gross primary productivity is the highest in –

a) Open oceans b) Grasslands
c) Wet tropical forests d) Agroecosystems.

15. Red Data Book giving the list of endangered species of plants and animals is published by

c) WHO d) none

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