Question Creation Certification Course or Internship starting from just ₹50 - For College Students

Question Creation Certification Course or Internship starting from just ₹50 - For College Students | First Year Internships

Question Creation Certified Internship | First Year Internships

Internship Duration:

  1. 1 week @ ₹50
  2. 2 weeks @ ₹100
  3. 4 weeks @ ₹350
  4. 6 weeks @ ₹550


Our team will provide you learning videos or interactive sessions and short assignments or tasks will be given on your selected subject. Usually, you'll be asked to make or solve questions like MCQs, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions, etc., on your selected subject, and later we will publish your questions and solutions on our website for better exposure to you.

Number of Questions to make/solve as per duration:

10 Questions - 1 week
20 Questions - 2 weeks
35 Questions - 4 weeks
50 Questions - 6 weeks

Certification Process:

After successful submission of assignments or tasks, the Internship Certificate will be mailed to your provided email address without any glitch. We can also WhatsApp your certificate on your number if you'll need it.

Eligible Subjects for Question Creation:

  1. Strength of Materials or Solid Mechanics
  2. Fluid Mechanics
  3. Engineering Mechanics
  4. Engineering Mathematics
  5. Senior Secondary Mathematics
  6. Senior Secondary Physics
  7. Senior Secondary Chemistry
  8. Engineering Physics
  9. Engineering Chemistry
  10. Basic Civil Engineering
  11. Soil Mechanics
  12. Building Materials and Construction
  13. Building Planning and Architecture
  14. Structural Analysis
  15. Transportation Engineering
  16. Surveying and Geomatics
  17. Basic Mechanical Engineering
  18. Environmental Engineering
  19. Estimation and Costing
  20. RCC and Steel
  21. Irrigation Engineering
  22. Bridge Engineering
  23. Quantitative Aptitude
  24. Logical Reasoning
  25. Verbal Ability
  26. AutoCAD
  27. Revit
  28. More too if you wish - contact us



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